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Welcome to dataspects Knowledge Management Framework (DSKMF)[edit source]

  1. When promoting SMW for organizational knowledge management it is useful to have a guide on how to start setting it up.
  2. The fundamental idea is to provide a knowledge management framework so that there is a place for all that knowledge and all that knowledge ends up in its place. :)
  3. For this purpose, dataspects recommends its dataspectsSystemCoreOntology which implements a distinct set of concepts based on principles.

DSKMF Core Ontology Semantic MediaWiki Components[edit source]

Templates Properties
Concepts Forms
Categories Main
Modules MediaWiki

Extensions and Settings[edit source]

Step by Step[edit source]

Start with an instance[edit source]

Learning bite:

Start with an instance.

Conference "SMWCon Fall 2017"

<wikitext2 page="C1222604667"/>


<wikitext2 page="Template:Annotation"/>


<wikitext2 page="Template:ForTemplateAnnotation"/>


<wikitext2 page="Template:ManualSubobject"/>
Learning bite:

Be object oriented before being class oriented.

Aspect "Semantic Business Domain Modeling"[edit source]

Subject type "Conference" artifacts[edit source]

<wikitext2 page="Template:Conference"/>


  • DSKMF meta, by administrator, silent, singleton
  • non-subobjectified → non-reifiable
  • set by Template:METADATA


  • DSKMF meta, by user, silent, singleton
  • non-subobjectified → non-reifiable
  • set by Template:METADATA


  • DSKMF meta, by user, displayed, multiple
  • non-subobjectified → non-reifiable
  • set by Template:METADATA


  • DSKMF meta, by system, silent, singleton, synthetic
  • non-subobjectified → non-reifiable
  • set by Template:METADATA


  • domain-specific regular (all conferences must/can be organized by someone)
  • non-reifiable because of handling in form
  • multiple values (all would share same reification)
<wikitext2 page="Form:Conference"/>

<wikitext2 page="Template:METADATA"/>

Services[edit source]