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SystemComponent "AWS CLI"

SystemComponent "DataspectsMediaWikiFeeder"

SystemComponent "Docker Hub login"

SystemComponent "Indexing Setups"

SystemComponent "Resource Facets"
Resource facets are written in dataspectsScript and specify the set of resources that should be extracted as JSON from a specific ResourceSilo.
SystemComponent "Resource Feeders"

SystemComponent "Resource Indexer Classes"

SystemComponent "Resource Silos"


SystemComponent "Ruby Programming Language"

SystemComponent "Semantic MediaWiki"
wiki.dataspectsSystem is the platform that glues together knowledge scattered across systems into useful recipes and explanations organized by the principles of

Dataspects, Wiki

SystemComponent "User GnuPG keys"

SystemComponent "dataspects Kubernetes cluster"

SystemComponent "dataspectsSystem Duplicity backup"

SystemComponent "datastores"


SystemComponent "search.dataspectsSystem"


SystemComponent "ui.dataspectsSystem"