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HasEntityType::Recipe[edit source]

Page Properties
Recipe "Add diagrams hosted on Google Drive to a dataspects DSKMF Elastic index"

Recipe "Add/edit subject types"

Recipe "Aliasing"

Recipe "Create Kibana visualizations and dashboard"

Dashboard, Statistics, Analytics, Kibana, Visualization

Recipe "Create a saved search in Kibana"
Saved searches are a type of saved objects in Kibana.
Recipe "Customize a SMW-resource-born entity's sHasResourceURL for indexing"

Recipe "Extract/export/inject/import a set of pages from/into a SMW from/into a directory (git repository)"

Recipe "Restore a dataspectsSystem from a Duplicity backup set"

Recipe "Search for property tokens created by mutliple tokenizers"


Recipe "Setup and configure the skin Tweeki"

Configuration, Skin, Tweeki

Recipe "Ways to make remote Duplicity backup sets available in a local directory"