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Has type is Text
Predicate class is Property

All facets for which this property "HasCodeTag" plays a constitutional role

Facet... constituted by... ...having values

All statements for this property "HasCodeTag"

Subject Predicate Object
Feature "Code Graph" HasCodeTag
  • LEX2010051135
Feature "EPPO SIGINT" HasCodeTag
  • LEX2009300938
Feature "Entitizing" HasCodeTag
  • LEX2104271021
Feature "Search engine mode (SEM)-specific search results design, behavior and interaction" HasCodeTag
  • LEX2009201433
Feature "Token-based Insight" HasCodeTag
  • LEX2104291408
Indexing (Semantic) MediaWikis HasCodeTag
  • LEX2011251504
Issue "Make V1 responsive" HasCodeTag
  • TLEX200831715
Issue "Reindexing methods" HasCodeTag
  • LEX2009210806

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