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HasEntityType::Feature[edit source]

Page Properties
Feature "Autocomplete did-you-mean completion suggesters"


Feature "Automatic ontology dashboard exposure"

Feature "Case-insensitive concept disambiguation"

Feature "Code Graph"
Get a graph from a facet of your code base showing function calls.
Feature "Explain a domain (facet)"


Feature "Formredlink for AnnotationObject if not exist"

Feature "Go Code Repository SIGINT"

  • HasPendingIssue::VariablesReferToStructMap must also "2) in this function's content whether it assigns <STRING> to a struct."
Feature "Index and show Google-Drive-hosted draw.io diagrams annotated by a SMW page of type 'Diagram'"

Feature "Indexing file system directories"

Feature "Load annotation object tokens"

Feature "Mail to wiki"
The mail to wiki functionality enables sending content to wiki via email. This is useful for when there is no direct access to the wiki, to drop quick ideas on the go or to collaborate on ideas with others before working in the wiki.

Email, External source, Import, Content creation

Feature "Match natural language queries to predicates"

Feature "Nested Facet Maps"
Contextualize entities along multiple dimensions simultaneously
Feature "Resource Entitization"

Feature "SIGINT explanations"
When indexing entities we want to know why SIGINT came up with annotations.
Feature "Search and retrieve"


Feature "Search engine mode (SEM)-specific search results design, behavior and interaction"
Search must optimize itself depending on the search context (represented by a SEM) that the user has in mind.


Feature "Search result highlighting"

Feature "Specify how to set an entity's "HasEntityType""


Feature "searchResult-specific actions"