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Elasticsearch Principles[edit | edit source]

Elasticsearch Concepts[edit | edit source]

AnalysisStrategy Concept "Capture meaning with synonyms"
AnalysisStrategy Concept "Modeling specificity"
Analyzer Concept "Standard Analyzer"Grammar based tokenization based on the Unicode Text Segmentation algorithm
Analyzer Concept "Simple Analyzer"
  • breaks text into terms at non-letter characters
  • all terms lower cased
Datatype Concept "Keyword datatype"Index content without analyzing it such as status or zip codes typically used for filtering, sorting and aggregations. Keyword fields are only searchable by their exact value.
Datatype Concept "Text datatype"Index content analyzing it.
Endpoint Concept "_analyze"
FieldsContent-Analysis-Query-Combination Configuration "Wikitext Search"Wikitext search allows for finding raw wikitext snippets.
QueryType Concept "full_text/query_string"The query_string query parses the input and splits text around operators. Each textual part is analyzed independently of each other.
QueryType Concept "Full text queries > match_phrase (aka proximity)"
QueryType Concept "full_text/match_phrase_prefix"
QueryType Concept "Join: has_child and has_parent queries"
Relationship Concept "Parent-Child Relationship"
SearchRequestComponent Concept "_source"

Referring to Elasticsearch documentation[edit | edit source]