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Concept "_analyze"

Concept "_source"

Concept "Asymmetric Anaylsis"
Analysis applied at index time is different from the analysis applied at query time.


Concept "Capture meaning with synonyms"

Concept "CoKe"
Efficient retrieval is facilitated by prepending items in structured lists (nesting, bulleting, numbering, letter casing, coloring, linking) using cognitive keywords. This approach is understood as stating knowledge using the programming language CoKe meant to be executed on human brains.
Concept "Controlled, faceted, multilateral, asynchronous, bidirectional synchronisation of multiple SMWs (CFMABS)"

Concept "Document Text Analysis"


Concept "Full text queries > match_phrase (aka proximity)"

Concept "Inheriting annotations if not customized by Indexer"
Understand how to customize ES doc compilation
Concept "Integration Testing dataspect Search Gatsby"

Concept "IsRootPredicate"
dataspects canonical ES index mapping contains domain-agnostic root fields (predicates) and nested annotations that accommodate domain-specific predicates.
Concept "Join: has_child and has_parent queries"

Concept "Keyword datatype"
Index content without analyzing it such as status or zip codes typically used for filtering, sorting and aggregations. Keyword fields are only searchable by their exact value.
Concept "Knowledge Topics/Subjects/Bites"

Concept "Manage Domain Terms"

Concept "Modeling specificity"

Concept "Parent-Child Relationship"
The join data type is a special field that creates parent/child relation within documents of the same index.
Concept "Reification"

Concept "SIGINT DSL Actions"

Concept "SIGINT"

Concept "Simple Analyzer"
* breaks text into terms at non-letter characters
  • all terms lower cased
Concept "Standard Analyzer"
Grammar based tokenization based on the Unicode Text Segmentation algorithm
Concept "Text datatype"
Index content analyzing it.
Concept "Unit Testing dataspect Search Gatsby"

Concept "dataspects Knowledge Graph"

Concept "full_text/match_phrase_prefix"

Concept "full_text/query_string"
The query_string query parses the input and splits text around operators. Each textual part is analyzed independently of each other.