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When we explain a domain to someone we include explaining how domain entities relate to each other:

Explain domain ontology 0.png

dataspectsSystem can produce this explanatory diagram automatically from a domain's assertional ontology.

In addition to explaining entire domain ontology, it is possible to restrict this explanatory diagram to a facet of the domain ontology by setting:

  • subject_type_belongs_to_search_context: <search_context>
  • predicate_belongs_to_search_context: <search_context>
  • object_type_belongs_to_search_context: <search_context>

with search_context being HasResourceName of one or multiple of SearchContext.

For all Entities, aggregate their annotations by "<SubjectType>-<Predicate>-<ObjectType>"

For all EntityTypes, aggregate their annotations by "EntityType-<Predicate>-<ObjectType>"