AAAA-Ingestion "From File system to Datastore by"

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See below…


Configure the datastore:

<Datastore ID>        automatic (e.g. 12)
<Datastore Label>     Shown in information sources list on
<Datastore API Key>   automatic (e.g. c8b89bc3-0139-11wa-8ef3-8c164563716b)
<Datastore Doc Regex> Only file names matching this regex will be fed to the datastore (Regex Tester - Golang)

Configure and run the feeder to index matching files in and below the current folder:

user@workstation:/yourfolder$ ./dsdocument-cli \
                              --id  <Datastore ID>      # From \
                              --url \
                              --key <Datastore API Key> # From

Subsequent pipeline