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The mail to wiki functionality enables sending content to wiki via email. This is useful for when there is no direct access to the wiki, to drop quick ideas on the go or to collaborate on ideas with others before working in the wiki.
EntityType "Feature"

email · external source · import · content creation


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Process[edit | edit source]

  1. User creates new email with content (text, attachment(s)).
  2. User sends email to a special email address (e.g. new@ourwiki.org).
  3. Email gets transformed into a wiki page.
  4. Content reviewers / Curators review the wiki page and structure, move, rename, categorize the content/page.
  5. Machine learning helps with initial categorization.

Structure elements[edit | edit source]

Elements of the email can be turned into elements (i.e. annotations, properties, categories) of the new wiki page.

  • Sender: author
  • Subject line: (empty), category
  • Content: formatting (paragraphs, bold, italics, even wiki syntax like heading)
  • Signature: Gets filtered out when correctly formatted.
  • Sending date: date


  • Source of creation: wiki, mail (=external source) (> reification)

Technical background[edit | edit source]