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FindAndLearn Knowledge Representation[edit | edit source]

Reification[edit | edit source]

What are things/actions?[edit | edit source]

Things/actions are

A thing represents either:

A thing can contain:

  • views on other things (facets)

A thing can:

  • act, expressed by ActiveAction class predicates
  • be acted upon, expressed by PassiveAction class predicates

An action is either:

  • carried out
  • acts on things

What are properties/annotations?[edit | edit source]

An annotation is:

An annotation consists of:

  • a subject
  • a predicate
  • an object

An annotation can be:

FindAndLearn Knowledge Interaction[edit | edit source]

Use case Implements use case goal Valid for system Description
Name + Type to Form Add entities Semantic MediaWiki

Specify a new entity's title and type. You are then presented with a popup form pertinent to that entity type.


Red Links to Forms Chooser Add entities Semantic MediaWiki

Point all red links to a forms chooser. See Extension:Page_Forms/Linking_to_forms

Add a link revealing the target's blurb automatically Link to entities Semantic MediaWiki

Use Template:BlurbedLink.

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