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  1. KnowledgeManagement involves responsibilities.
  2. A Responsibility is assumed by roles.
  3. A Role is assumed by people.
  4. A Role assuming a responsibility addresses concerns by carrying out use cases.
  5. A UseCase applies recipes, tools and methodologies.
    • Use case implementations can be rated in terms of effectiveness and efficiency.
      • How precisely does it do its job?
      • Is it reusable/configurable?
      • Is it scalable?
      • Is it safe/secure?
      • Is it at the right abstraction level?
      • Is it reversible/idempotent/version/accounted for?
  6. A Recipe/Tool/Methodology assumes qualifications and preconditions.
  7. A Qualification is met by people.
  8. A Precondition is met by system setups and states.

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