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Argument "Flexibility of structure"
The structure (ontology, "network of relations") is powerful and flexible: While it's a good idea to start with a first structure to import and create initial content, the structure is growing with the wiki. New ideas and necessary changes can be integrated easily and updated with a few clicks. Even more, the growing structure is not just a technical, alimental skeleton, but an integral part of the content in the wiki and an additional source of newly created knowledge.

Ontology, Structure

Argument "No vendor lock-in"

Argument "Search result views have a unique reference URL"
Search results offer a wide range of details (show values, entities, facets) to specify, filter and drilldown results. Each result display/view gets a unique URL in the wiki, so that it can be referenced (i.e. the link forwarded, included in other wiki pages.)

Search, Search results, Facets, Search filter

Argument "Structured and unstructured content go hand in hand"
Content within the structured ontology in the wiki is closely held together by relations (via annotations, properties, categories). This structure is working in the background. The user has additional possibilities to relate content (via links and manually created annotations). Also content that is not prestructured whatsoever can be dropped in the wiki, linked to and integrated into the structure later on.

Content, Structure